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Free announcement notice templates for your Tenant Association!

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This page contains free announcement notice templates for your Tenant Association. All templates are in Google Docs format.

How to Use Our Announcement Notices

Our announcement templates make it easy to share important and urgent information with your neighbours. Simply grab the template you need, update the content, and print the notice off to post in your building or distribute door to door.

Simply click "Get Template" to make a copy of the template and start customizing the content!

In addition to the header images included in these templates, we also have 40+ alternative headers for use.

For tips on how to customize our templates, scroll to the end of this page.

Generic Announcement Notice

Format: Google Docs
Announcement Notice (Generic)

More Templates...

Starting an Association

Format: Google Docs
Announcement Notice 1 (Starting an Association)

Above Guideline Increase

Format: Google Docs
Announcement Notice 2 (Above Guideline Rent Increase)

Pests: Generic

Format: Google Docs

Pests: Bed Bugs

Format: Google Docs
Announcement Notice 3A (Bed Bugs)

Pests: Mice

Format: Google Docs
Announcement Notice 3B (Mice)

Pests: Rats

Format: Google Docs

Pests: Cockroaches

Format: Google Docs

Header Images

Format: PNG
Additional Headers

How to Customize Our Templates

When customizing our templates, we encourage you to add your own content, change the colour scheme, or swap out the icons. However, we recommend keeping the font, text size, and margins the same, since changing these could disrupt the template.

About Our Template Formats

Note that all of our templates are formatted for Google products, like Google Docs and Google Sheets.

We chose Google because wanted to make them free to access, simple to use, and as universally accessible as possible. We recommend using these products to edit our templates, since other products — like Microsoft Office — might change the formatting.

While we've done our best to make these templates easy to use, we know that the format can be a little tricky in spots. We'll be writing a short guide in the near future with tips for customizing our templates. In the meantime, we ask that you email us if you run into any problems!

About Our Template Icons

All of the icons used in our templates are made by Freepik from If you want a new combination of icons, check out our "Additional Headers" folder, which contains 50 headers designed for use with our notice templates.

If you're looking for alternative icons, we suggest exploring Many of the images you'll find there are available for free use (with attribution).

About Our Template Fonts

Our templates are made using three styles of fonts.

We use Open Sans when we want a friendly appearance. We use Roboto when we want to look serious. And we use Oswald when we want to appear bold and striking.

All three of these fonts are available for free through Google Fonts. If our fonts don't seem to be rendering properly, we suggest downloading and installing the fonts via the links above.

Note: The ATN's resources are for educational purposes only. None of the information in these resources should be taken as legal advice. Please note that much of the information in our guides only applies to tenants living in the Province of Ontario.
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