About Us

Learn more about the Akelius Tenants Network!

"We will build a network of Akelius tenants designed to support one another, to represent the interests of tenants of Akelius, and to work for a safe, secure, stable and adequate home for all tenants in the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario."

Who We Are

The Akelius Tenants Network is a non-profit network of tenants living in properties owned by Akelius Canada Ltd within the Greater Toronto Area. Our membership also includes former Akelius tenants and tenant advocates working in Toronto.

Our network is led by a volunteer Steering Committee, composed of experienced tenant organizers and representatives from Tenant Associations.

The Akelius Tenants Network is open to any Akelius tenant or resident living in the Greater Toronto Area, provided that they are not also an Akelius employee and/or shareholder.

How We Help

The Akelius Tenants Netowk strives to support one another, stand up for tenants' rights, and make life more livable for other Akelius tenants.

We take an active approach to empowering Akelius tenants in Toronto, helping tenants gain the knowledge, support, and tools that they need to assert their rights and organize with their neighbours.

Our work includes....

Educating Akelius tenants about tenants' rights in City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario and how to exercise those rights.

Supporting Tenant Associations in Akelius buildings and helping organize new Tenant Associations.

Connecting Akelius tenants with one another through our online forum, allowing tenants to share resources and information.

Advocating for tenants rights, including the right to safe, decent, secure, and affordable housing in the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario.