About Akelius

Akelius owns over 50,000 apartment units worldwide and 50+ buildings in Toronto.

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Akelius Residential Property AB

Akelius Residential Property AB is one of the largest private owners of rental properties worldwide.

Founded in Sweden in 1994, Akelius began expanding into international markets in 2006, starting in Germany. In 2011, it began acquiring properties in North America, starting in Toronto.

Currently, Akelius and its subsidiaries own over 50,000 apartment units across 15 metro areas in Europe and North America.

Akelius in Canada & Toronto

Akelius entered the Canadian market in 2011, starting in Toronto, Ontario. The company expanded into Montreal, Quebec, in 2014.

As of 2019, Akelius owns over 50 rental properties in Toronto and a similar number in Montreal. Between these two cities, Akelius controls over 3,000 rental units in Canada.

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