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City of Toronto

The City of Toronto offers a number of programs that Akelius tenants may find helpful, including RentSafeTO and the Tenant Defence Fund. Tenants can also connect with a number of municipal services through 311.

Toronto 311

311 provides residents, businesses and visitors with easy access to non-emergency City services, programs and information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 311 can offer assistance in more than 180 languages.

Tenants can contact 311 to file RentSafeTO claims, report pest issues, or complain about poor property maintenance.

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RentSafeTO is a bylaw enforcement program by the City of Toronto that ensures apartment building owners comply with building maintenance standards. The program applies to apartment buildings with three or more storeys and 10 or more units.

Residents are encouraged to contact their landlord first to make service requests for issues such as pests, low or no heat, plumbing problems, leaky ceilings or problems in common areas of the building. If you get no action from your landlord and problems persist, you can contact the RentSafeTO team through 311.

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Tenant Defence Fund

The Tenant Defence Fund program supports tenants in disputing above guideline increases (AGI) in rent, demolitions or conversions by providing grant funding for paralegal services, tenant outreach and education and help in organizing tenant groups.

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