Tips for Service Centre Requests

Tips for submitting service requests to the Akelius Service Centre.

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Tips for Akelius Toronto Service Centre Requests

Adapted from the Akelius Tenants Network FAQ

The following tips are based on information from the Federation of Metro Tenants' Associations as well as first-hand experiences from Akelius tenants in Toronto.

Tip 1. Submit Written Maintenance Requests

Submitting your maintenance request in writing is critical, since it gives you a record of the request. This can be done by emailing the Akelius Service Centre. Make sure that you keep a copy of this email on hand.

Some Akelius tenants prefer to submit maintenance requests via phone, since they receive an immediate answer. If you do this, you'll still want a written record of your request.

This can be accomplished by writing an email to the Akelius Service Centre immediately after your phone call at. In your email, include a summary of the call and the service ticket number.

Tip 2. Get a Service Ticket Number

Make sure that you receive a service ticket number from an Akelius Service Centre representative in response to your maintenance request. Without a service ticket number, your request might not be entered into their system.

Tip 3. Make Sure You're a Registered Tenant

The Akelius Service Centre may ignore maintenance requests if they are submitted by someone who is not a registered Akelius tenant, even if they are an unregistered legal tenant or an unregistered legal resident of an Akelius property.

Tip 4. Document the Issue

It is strongly recommended that you document any issues by taking photographs, recording audio, or making videos, depending upon the problem you are documenting. This evidence will be important if you run into issues later on and need to file a Landlord and Tenant Board claim.

Tip 5. No Response? Follow Up!

If you've submitted a service request and the issue hasn't been resolved in a reasonable time frame, send a follow up email repeating your request. Make sure to include the service ticket number, and consider cc'ing your property manager on the request.

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