Akelius Tenants Network

The Akelius Tenants Network is a non-profit network of Akelius tenants in Toronto, Ontario. Our mission? Organizing, supporting, and empowering tenants like you!

NOTE: The ATN is an independent, non-profit organization focused on tenant advocacy. We are NOT affiliated with Akelius or Akelius Canada.

A Network of Akelius Tenants in Toronto, Ontario

The Akelius Tenants Network is a tenant advocacy network in Toronto, Ontario, made up of tenants and tenant associations from Akelius properties in the GTA.

Founded in 2017 with assistance from the Federation of Metro Tenants' Associations, our network includes current and former Akelius tenants, representatives of tenant associations from Akelius buildings, as well as tenant advocates from the Toronto area. Our network is dedicated to educating, organizing, and advocating on behalf of Akelius tenants, as well as other renters in the Toronto area.

Like you, we're proud to call our buildings home. Like you, we believe that renters in Toronto deserve access to safe, secure, decent, and affordable housing. And like you, we believe that good tenants deserve to live free of undue pressure from their landlord.

Together, we strive to support one another, stand up for tenants' rights, and make life more livable for other tenants in Ontario.

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Facing an Above Guideline Rent Increase?

Learn how to respond to an AGI and get tips for reducing the cost of your increase.

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Akelius Canada Ltd. is a subsidiary of Akelius Residential Property AB, one of the largest private owners of rental properties worldwide. Akelius owns rental properties in major cities in Europe and North America, including a number of Akelius buildings in Toronto.

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Link to "Tenant Resources" page

The Akelius Tenants Network has compiled a set of tenant resources to help tenants organize and advocate for their rights. Our resources include tips for above guidelines rent increases, an FAQ for Akelius tenants, guides and templates for Tenant Associations, and links to resources from outside organizations.

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